AC-21 - Reticular/Ama

Coarse granular filamentous staining extending throughout the cytoplasm. e.g. anti-mitochondrial antibodies.
Associação Antigênica
PDC-E2/M2, BCOADC-E2, OGDC-E2, E1? subunit of PDC, E3BP/protein X
Doença Associada
common in PBC, SSc, rare in other SARD
Relevância Clínica (Primeiro Nível)
Commonly found in PBC, but also detected in SSc, including PBC-SSc overlap syndrome and PBC-SjS overlap syndrome
If PBC is clinically suspected it is recommended to perform a follow-up test for AMA, historically detected by IIFA on rodent tissue (liver, stomach, kidney); these autoantibodies are primarily directed to the PDH complex, and in particular the E2-subunit (PDH-E2); the antigen is included in disease specific immunoassays (i.e., liver profile*) as well as in some routine ENA profiles
Additional antigens recognized include the E1? and E1? subunits of PDH, the E3-binding protein of PDH, and the 2-OGDC; these antigens are only included in extended disease specific immunoassays (i.e., extended liver profile*)
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