AC-25 - Spindle Fibers

The spindle fibers between the poles are stained in mitotic cells, associated with cone-shaped decoration of the mitotic poles. Spindle fibers cover both NuMA-like and non-NuMA patterns. NuMA-like pattern has associated distinct nuclear speckles. Only non-NuMA patterns are shown here while NuMA-like patterns are shown in the NuMA-like group.
Associação Antigênica
Doença Associada
Rare in SjS, SLE, other CTD
Relevância Clínica (Primeiro Nível)
The AC-25 pattern has low positive predictive value for any disease
Found very infrequently in a routine serology diagnostic setting
Antigen recognized includes HsEg5; specific immunoassays for this autoantibody, or other spindle fiber targets, are currently not commercially available
Relevância Clínica (Segundo Nível)
While AC-25 is not associated with a defined autoimmune disease, reactivity with HsEg5 is more commonly found in SjS and SLE Note: Specific immunoassays for HsEg5 are currently not commercially available.
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